Our passion at Jaeger Sports is Arm Care, Arm Conditioning, Mental Training and anything else that optimizes an athlete’s ability to compete at their highest level. We are constantly answering questions about how to optimize Arm Health and Arm Strength. The Jaeger Softball Arm Care & Off-Season Throwing Program answers all of these Frequently Asked Questions and gives a thorough snapshot as to what Throwing and Arm Care should look like all year round.

In this manual we address the questions that come about about frequency, duration and intensity level of throwing. Many athletes and coaches wonder about what they should be doing at different times of the year when it comes to throwing programs and arm care and conditioning. This manual will give athletes and coaches a foundation and recommendations as to what their throwing program routine should be to optimize their training program.

As always, the most important principle is to Listen To Your Arm. This manual is a recommendation based on the 25 years of experience we have in the Arm Care field. However, every athlete’s arm is unique and knows how hard they should ultimately push themselves. The key is to feed your arm, unleash the chains and barriers, and watch it grow. You never know what you might find! #FeedIt

For more information on the throwing programs, enjoy these videos: