Listen to what people are saying about Jaeger Sports

We are really glad that we committed to the J-Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program this past year. Arm Health and Arm Strength are so essential to the development of any softball players career. The time that we dedicated was extremely valuable as we did not have to change practice plans or limit throwing reps due to sore arms throughout the season.

Kelly Inouye-Perez

Head Softball Coach, UCLA Bruins

We flat out use the Jaeger bands every day at practice as well as game days. It serves as a stretching, strengthening and preventative arm work out for our athletes. There is a direct correlation between the decrease of arm injuries in our program and the use of the Jaeger bands.
Kelly Ford

Head Softball Coach, Cal State Fullerton Titans

Over my 30 years of coaching at the collegiate level, I believe the J-Band program along with the long toss warm up are the most complete daily activation to maximize improvements and minimize arm and shoulder issues. The daily commitment to the J-Band and long toss program is time well spent and will keep athletes performing at their peak levels far longer during a demanding season, with fewer days lost to injury, recovery, or rest from over use.
Kirk Walker

Assistant Coach, UCLA

I’ve been working with the Jaeger Sports, J-Band program for over 10 years. There isn’t a better program out there for Arm Care & Long Toss than the Jaeger program. I have seen first hand incredible results from players in both baseball and softball from doing the program and recommend it to every player I come across.
Matt Lisle

Assistant Coach, Santa Clara Broncos

The J-Band system, along with the Long Toss Throwing Program is a must for any team at any level. When our team had arm issues a few years ago, the first change we made was to purchase the J-Bands. Not only did we see a decrease in arm pain, but we started to see a dramatic increase in arm strength and accuracy. Being a pitching coach, I really like the addition of Monica Abbott to the video and the new drills that the pitchers can do. I would highly recommend this program to anybody.
Dee Dee Kingsbury

Head Softball Coach, Whittier College

Having coached both baseball and softball at the collegiate level, the Jaeger band is one training tool that I have used in each sport. Not only does this program help in the development of arm strength, but more importantly it allows the athlete to maintain health to their arm. I have seen the positive results in all athletes, and strongly believe that it is instrumental in keeping our athletes stronger and healthier throughout the length of a season.
Jimmy Kolaitis

Assistant Softball Coach, University of Oregon

Throwing is done more than any other physical action in our game. It is extremely important to have a stretching and throwing program. We have found that the J-Bands are the tool that provides that program. It is of great strength to not only our pitchers but all of our players. We do the program everyday. We have learned how to modify the exercise routines depending on practice vs. game day. We were fortunate last season to have not had any shoulder injuries that didn’t already exist. I believe that the J-Bands were the reason.
Michelle Gromacki

Head Softball Coach, Cal State University Fullerton

J-Bands has the history, the reputation and the program that WORKS. The program is sport specific and easy to follow. If you haven’t started using J bands yet, you are missing out. This should be as important to you as the stretching program and the throwing progression you have your young ladies doing. J-BANDS WORK. GET ON IT TODAY.
Kama Tucker

Assistant Coach, University, North Carolina Wilmington

We have been using the Jaeger Sports program religiously and see good results! No gimmicks….. just healthy arms that are getting stronger!
Mike Candrea

Head Softball Coach, The University of Arizona, 8 Time NCAA National Champions

The Jaeger Throwing Program will provide the proper bio – mechanical foundation needed to develop and sustain your throwing motion. A healthy arm, that maintains stamina, is one of the most valued traits when college coaches are evaluating prospects. Invest in your arm, you’ve earned it.
Sue Enquist

Former UCLA Softball Coach, 27 years, 11-time National Champion, 5-time Hall of Fame

The J-Bands and Long Toss throwing program allow me to best condition my arm and pitch at my top speed.
Monica Abbott

Pitcher, Chicago Bandits, 2007 USA Player of the Year, 2008 USA Olympic Team