Monica Abbott made history this week. She is no stranger to making history as she has dominated the Softball World from the Pitching Circle for years. This week, the history that she made, goes beyond the action on the field. Abbott broke a barrier and signed the first Million Dollar Deal in National Pro Fastpitch History. The deal comes from new expansion team the ScrapYard Dawgs based in Houston, Texas.

Monica joined the Jaeger Sports team in 2013. She has always been an advocate of band work and long toss and has been a spearhead in bringing Arm Care awareness to the Softball Community. We could not be more proud of Monica and this amazing accomplishment. This relationship has evolved and we are so excited for the future endeavors we will share together. She is a shining example of an athlete that carries herself the right way and is a great example for young athletes everywhere.

This particular accomplishment goes much farther than just softball. This is a huge step for women in professional sports. With athletes like Monica continuing to break barriers like this it paves the way for young girls out there to pursue their dreams and follow in these great athlete’s examples.

Way to go Moni! We are so PROUD of you!!!

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