Important Safety Video. Please Watch


BE SURE that the Carabiner clip (the silver clip on the J-Band) is NEVER in alignment with your neck, face or head when doing ANY of the exercises.

PLEASE be sure that the J-Band Carabiner clip is ALWAYS fastened to an IMMOVABLE and SAFE anchor. A chain link fence (where the links intersect), for example, is generally a safe option.

The J-Band is NOT to be stretched more than one-to-two feet of its original length — even for the strongest of students, because it can recoil with a great deal of force back toward you (in the event that the surgical tubing breaks, or breaks free from it’s fasten against). Increase repetitions if needed.

Keeping the J-Band out of the sun and away from your cleats (when not in use) will help maximize the longevity and safety of your J-Band. Upon noticing any cracks or cuts in the J-Band, replace it IMMEDIATELY.

The J-Band is not a toy and should not be used in any way other than the exercises that it is designed for.

View our DVD, “Thrive on Throwing 2” and/or read the Exercise Manual in the online Brochure at before doing the exercises. Double check the clip placement before every exercise to make sure it is not aligned with the neck, face or head.