One of the most exciting events at Jaeger Sports is a Jaeger Sports Arm Care Clinic. We have been doing clinics for 25+ years and being out on the field with the athletes and coaches is what we are passionate about! As time has gone by, and things have developed, we have had to turn down certain opportunities to get out to fields and spend time with organizations. No more! We have partnered with EM Speed and Power and Jaeger Sports Arm Care Clinics will be available to everyone!

EM Speed and Power shares the same passion for developing athletes at the highest level and seeing all athletes succeed. Our relationship with EM goes back many years and we could not be more excited about this partnership and about the opportunities it is going to bring. EM will be running Jaeger Arm Care Clinics all over the country and these will be accessible to EVERYONE!

Whether you are an individual athlete, a coach or an organization you can sign up and get all of the information you need at

We all know the importance of Arm Care and Arm Conditioning. In baseball and softball, if you can’t throw, you can’t play. These Arm Care clinics will give you the foundation to properly implement a Throwing Routine and to keep your arms healthy all year. The clinics will also show you the benefits of Long Toss and how a healthy arm can continue to gain strength and velocity all year!

Sign up today and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the field!