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Jaeger Sports Partners with EM Speed and Power for Arm Care Clinics

Jaeger Sports Partners with EM Speed and Power for Arm Care Clinics

One of the most exciting events at Jaeger Sports is a Jaeger Sports Arm Care Clinic. We have been doing clinics for 25+ years and being out on the field with the athletes and coaches is what we are passionate about! As time has gone by, and things have developed, we have had to turn down certain opportunities to get out to fields and spend time with organizations. No more! We have partnered with EM Speed and Power and Jaeger Sports Arm Care Clinics will be available to everyone!


EM Speed and Power shares the same passion for developing athletes at the highest level and seeing all athletes succeed. Our relationship with EM goes back many years and we could not be more excited about this partnership and about the opportunities it is going to bring. EM will be running Jaeger Arm Care Clinics all over the country and these will be accessible to EVERYONE!

Whether you are an individual athlete, a coach or an organization you can sign up and get all of the information you need at

We all know the importance of Arm Care and Arm Conditioning. In baseball and softball, if you can’t throw, you can’t play. These Arm Care clinics will give you the foundation to properly implement a Throwing Routine and to keep your arms healthy all year. The clinics will also show you the benefits of Long Toss and how a healthy arm can continue to gain strength and velocity all year!

Sign up today and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the field!

NEW!– Jaeger Softball Arm Care & Off-Season Throwing Program

NEW!– Jaeger Softball Arm Care & Off-Season Throwing Program

Our passion at Jaeger Sports is Arm Care, Arm Conditioning, Mental Training and anything else that optimizes an athlete’s ability to compete at their highest level. We are constantly answering questions about how to optimize Arm Health and Arm Strength. The Jaeger Softball Arm Care & Off-Season Throwing Program answers all of these Frequently Asked Questions and gives a thorough snapshot as to what Throwing and Arm Care should look like all year round.


In this manual we address the questions that come about about frequency, duration and intensity level of throwing. Many athletes and coaches wonder about what they should be doing at different times of the year when it comes to throwing programs and arm care and conditioning. This manual will give athletes and coaches a foundation and recommendations as to what their throwing program routine should be to optimize their training program.

As always, the most important principle is to Listen To Your Arm. This manual is a recommendation based on the 25 years of experience we have in the Arm Care field. However, every athlete’s arm is unique and knows how hard they should ultimately push themselves. The key is to feed your arm, unleash the chains and barriers, and watch it grow. You never know what you might find! #FeedIt

For more information on the throwing programs, enjoy these videos:

Monica Abbott Signs First $1 Million Deal In NPF History!

Monica Abbott Signs First $1 Million Deal In NPF History!

Monica Abbott made history this week. She is no stranger to making history as she has dominated the Softball World from the Pitching Circle for years. This week, the history that she made, goes beyond the action on the field. Abbott broke a barrier and signed the first Million Dollar Deal in National Pro Fastpitch History. The deal comes from new expansion team the ScrapYard Dawgs based in Houston, Texas.


Monica joined the Jaeger Sports team in 2013. She has always been an advocate of band work and long toss and has been a spearhead in bringing Arm Care awareness to the Softball Community. We could not be more proud of Monica and this amazing accomplishment. This relationship has evolved and we are so excited for the future endeavors we will share together. She is a shining example of an athlete that carries herself the right way and is a great example for young athletes everywhere.

This particular accomplishment goes much farther than just softball. This is a huge step for women in professional sports. With athletes like Monica continuing to break barriers like this it paves the way for young girls out there to pursue their dreams and follow in these great athlete’s examples. 

Way to go Moni! We are so PROUD of you!!!

To read more about this great story, click here:


Sneak Peek of our new Thrive on Throwing 2 film featuring Monica Abbott

jaeger_dvd_tot2Jaeger Sports is very excited to announce the release of Thrive on Throwing 2, which takes you through our systematic Arm Care and Long Toss Throwing Program that has been at the core of our training program for over 20 years. Based on three major principles — Arm Care, Long Toss and Throwing Mechanics — Thrive On Throwing 2 is a proven system that has helped players maximize the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period of their arms.

Featuring a detailed explanation and demonstration of our Arm Care Program (Arm Circles and J-Bands) and our Long Toss Throwing Program, this DVD teaches you how to thoroughly warm up your arm and safely prepare it to throw, and culminates with our signature Long Toss Throwing Program — a throwing routine that is at the core of developing Arm Conditioning, Arm Strength, Athleticism, Feel, Mechanical Connection and Mental Focus.

Along with appearances by 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito, UCLA Baseball Coach John Savage, 2011 Golden Spikes Award Winner Trevor Bauer, Peak Performance Trainer Dr. Marcus Elliottand Jaeger Sports’ own Jim Vatcher and China McCarney.

Monica Abbott: Softball Throwing Program Featurette: Dedicated to softball players featuring Monica Abbott, the 2007 College Player of the Year and 2008 Olympian. Though the entire video is applicable for softball players, this section will specifically address our throwing program for softball pitchers.

Jaeger Sports has worked with hundreds of professional and amateur players nationwide, including 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito, and Major League Baseball All-Stars Dan Haren and Andrew Bailey. Jaeger Sports has also consulted with a number of Major League Organizations including the Texas Rangers and several high school and college programs including 2004 National Champions, Cal State University Fullerton, 2009 National Champions, Fresno State, 2012 National Champions, University of Arizona and 2013 National Champions UCLA Bruins.

The Health, Strength and Longevity of your arm is your lifeline as a baseball or softball player — it’s just that simple. But the arm must be developed like any other part of your game through dedicated work and preparation — by being proactive, instead of reactive. Thrive On Throwing 2 was created with this in mind, and is a must see video for anyone who is serious about having a long and healthy playing career.

Created & Written by Alan Jaeger, Jim Vatcher
Edited by Neil Newman & Tom Pascucci
Directed by Jaeger Sports & Neil Newman
Produced by Alan Jaeger, Jim Vatcher, Neil Newman & Tom Pascucci


Monica Abbott Joins The Jaeger Sports Team!

We’re so excited to announce that Monica Abbott, 4 Time All-American/2007 USA Player of the Year (University of Tennessee) and current USA Olympian has joined the Jaeger Sports team.

Monica is now helping to spread our message regarding the importance of developing a Healthy Arm and Mind in the Softball community. Monica, who has spent time in Los Angeles with Jaeger Sports to learn the Arm Care/Strength Program, is now available to teach our Arm Care and Long Toss Throwing Programs. For more information about Monica, you can go to her website:, or follow her on twitter, @monicaabbott.